What does BidFair offer?

Bidfair offers a configurable platform for accommodation providers (Hotels, Guesthouses and Property Owners) to offer a secure, efficient and transparent bidding service to their customers. Customers looking for both short and long term accommodation can then submit bids corresponding to the amount that they are willing to pay.

What are the benefits for Accommodation Providers of this service?

A streamlined bidding process will increase turnover at premises. Accommodation providers will be able to determine more accurately what the market is willing to pay, rather than guessing. Accommodation providers will be able to optimize occupancy rates.

What are the benefits to Guests of this service?

Guests can seek out amazing value from the system. Accommodation which may otherwise have been beyond their price range may now be available to them at a great price due to a variety of factors. Both Guests and Accommodation providers are brought together in mutually beneficial interactions.

What services does BidFair offer to Accommodation Providers?

  • Add a new property listing with bidding options
  • Hotels and guesthouses can make as many rooms as they want available
  • Delete a listing
  • Manage an existing listing
  • The property owner is under no obligation to accept any bids.
  • Payments to the property manager/owner are handled by the website

What services does BidFair offer to Guests?

  • Guests can search for properties based on a number of criteria
  • A potential guest can submit bids on properties that they have an interest in
  • Submit the necessary details to make a reservation
  • Manage their account details
  • A reservation can be made once the property manager/owner accepts the bid.

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